Spiritual Psychotherapy

 Spiritual Psychotherapy is a non-religious honouring of the mystery and depth of the psyche/soul. Certainly not all problems are spiritual in nature, nevertheless crises, trauma, loss, illness and the accumulation of hurt and disappointment have a spiritual as well as a psychological and physical impact. Current research continues to find that many, if not most people draw upon their spirituality when encountering significant problems.

By recognizing that spirituality may also serve as a source of solutions or a source of problems equips the spiritually-oriented Psychotherapist with the knowledge required to address the range, richness and complexity of healing. Spirituality cannot be separated from psychotherapy as some of our life crises wound us so deeply that they carry a special power and spiritual meaning. Spirituality can address the unfathomable and uncontrollable in our lives, speaking the language of suffering, compassion, transformation, acceptance, surrender, hope, sacredness, transcendence, forgiveness, faith, joy, wisdom, guidance, synchronicity......


 Abandonment - Betrayal

Grief/Sorrow - Loss

Family of origin issues - Conflict

Fears - Phobias - Panic - Anxiety

Depression,  Chronic Sadness

Obsessive Thoughts - Compulsive Behaviour

Low Self-Esteem - Shame-Guilt

Lonliness - Isolation - Addiction

Trauma - Childhood, Adult & Past-Life

Loss of meaning and purpose

Life cycles - Empty Nest - Mid-Life Crisis



Spiritual psychotherapy is not a problem solving tool, it is for those interested in delving into the profound & sacred process of transformation. 

  • see life in a broader perspective 
  • develop new & life-altering belief systems
  • discern deeper truths in ordinary experience 
  • tap into a reservoir of hope & guidance.
  • access grounding tools during times of great shifts and crisis
  • source new values & signficance to replace old unattainable dreams
  • deepen self-love & self-compassion
  • enhance ability to be present with Self and those you cherish
  • reconnect with the sacred and your purpose & place in the Cosmos

 There is a deep dimension to our problems...they raise profound questions about our place & purpose in the world...questions that call for a spiritual response.