Energy & Body Psychotherapy

Body Psychotherapy

As a trained and certified Body Psychotherapist, I will sometimes, with permission, incorporate touch, breathing and movement techniques to address a wide range of mental, physical and emotional concerns. Body memory is a controversial premise that infers that memories can actually be stored in your body.  In my practice, it has been evident that some difficult memories or traumas cannot be accessed through talk therapy but can often be released through skilled body psychotherapy.  I often incorporate body-centered practices as needed to gently access deeply armoured feelings.  It is a profound treatment to help deepen the relationship with your body and recognize its needs.  I also find it very useful in the treatment of addiction, substance abuse, anxiety, stress management and releasing core issues in regression therapy. 


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Energy-Based Therapies

As a Reiki practitioner and Energy-based Therapist,  I recognize that, we as human beings, are multi-dimensional and that our Auric field and Chakras frequently require balancing, clearing and protection.  Using my intuition and clairvoyance, I will assess whether an energy healing will be beneficial.  I use Reiki combined with Chakra Clearing and Chording techniques to release and balance the energy centers, as needed.  Energy-based therapy is a holistic and complementary modality that enhances the healing process. 


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