About Mary Ann

Hello, my name is Mary Ann Macri, Registered Psychotherapist Astrologer & Facilitator   For the past 22 years I have been privileged to counsel and teach many individuals and couples as they navigate through life--through joy, loss, transition, disillusionment, confusion, depression, anxiety, conflict, feelings of lack of purpose and meaning; through this deep dimension of experience, I have come to know as "Soul". I am sincerely devoted to honouring the depth and wisdom of  "Soul" in my own life and in those I feel so privileged to guide.

My deep thirst for self-knowledge  began early in my teens,  studying the workings and mystery of the human psyche and the universe.   In continual awe, I have immersed myself in the  archives of old book stores streaming through ancient wisdom and the current literature of depth psychotherapy, Astrology, spiritual modalities and more recently Meditation, Mindfulness and Shamanistic practices.  I view therapy as a profound tool for transformation & a pathway to connect with our inner selves and others.  My approach is integrative, eclectic; blending intuition, knowledge and diverse experience with a passion to Serve the Soul.  I will always hold a safe, non-nonjudgmental and supportive atmosphere to help facilitate a trusting relationship for sharing and healing.  I will always listen deeply to your stories and be attentive to what your Soul needs. I would be truly honoured to partner with you on your healing journey.

Registered with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario

Private Practice since 1998

Co-founded the Adesso Centre and The Centre Above Psychotherapy & Education Clinics

Worked as an Addictions Counsellor at Bellwood Health Services &

Probation & Parole Office in Ontario

Mental Health Counsellor - The Griffin Centre & York Support Services

Taught Social Services Workers Certificate Program at Medix School

Studied at

Transformational Arts College, Toronto, Ontario

Body Psychotherapy, Spiritual Psychotherapy & Reiki I

Taught Meditation & Spiritual Development Courses and acted as Vice President for Student Enrolment & Support


George Brown College - Certified Human Services Counsellor 

Specializations- Addictions & Mental Health

Institute for Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy 

CAMH - Centre for Addictions & Mental Health 


Life-long student - Independently studied Astrology and Depth Psychology for over 3 decades


Committed to personal and professional development