Mary Ann Macri offers individual, couple, family and group psychotherapy sessions in person at her  Wasaga Beach office.


Mary Ann also provides privacy-approved video conferencing sessions for convenience and accessibility.


Mary Ann also offers a monthly Blog:  entitled Soul Revolution; Grounding the Soul in the Mundane.


Using Archetypal Astrology, Depth Psychology, Regression Therapy, Shadow and Dream workBody and Energy-centered therapies,


Ongoing Psychotherapy Sessions with Mary Ann

Mary Ann will deeply support you with and through relationship, family, work or emotional challenges; life transitions, loss, depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, anger and confusion of life purpose.  She works collaboratively with adults, couples and groups from all ethnicities, genders and sexual preferences to bring meaning and purpose back into their lives. 


Talk Psychotherapy, Regression Therapy, Working with Loss Grief (communicate with deceased loved ones), Mindfulness Meditation, Guided Imagery, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy    $135  per/hour/session 


Couple Psychotherapy - Marriage Counselling & Same Sex Partnerships -  $160 per/hour/session


Therapeutic Astrology Sessions with Mary Ann  accesses the wisdom of your Soul’s Blueprint; it is an exploration, illumination and perhaps reconciliation of your Life Purpose and Soul’s Evolutionary Intent for this lifetime; your Karma, family legacy; Fate, Past Lives & Destiny. $200 First Session - 90 minutes including yearly transit


Couples in Synastry Session offer a comparison of two natal charts and their relationship synastry – reveals karma and purpose of the relationship and the exquisite ways we impact one another. It beautifully illustrates our dynamics and how to optimize the union, its challenges & gifts in this lifetime.

$200 First 1.5 hour Session - $150 ongoing hourly sessions


A Life Transits Session offers an in depth exploration of the upcoming year forecasting the planetary energies and how to maximize the lessons and opportunities inherent in the cycles.

$150 subsequent/1 hour




60 Minute Private Psychotherapy Session with Mary Ann


60 Minute Private Psychotherapy Couple Session with Mary Ann


60 Minute Private Astrology Synastry Couple Session with Mary Ann


Ongoing 60 minute Astrological Counselling Session


First 90 minute Astrological Counselling Session including Yearly Transit with Mary Ann