During this current world crisis unfolding, more than ever, it is critical to stay safe physically and emotionally and to reach out for support if you are:

 Feeling isolated, alone, missing your loved ones, human connection;

excessively worrying, obsessing and fearful over your safety and the health of your loved ones; experiencing increased financial stress impacting your relationships, sleep and general well-being.


There are times when we need support from someone other than your family or friends, someone who is non-judgmental and offers professional and compassionate support.


These are the times when we need to reach out. 

We are all going through this together - You are not alone  

The whole world is deeply impacted by this crisis.



I have immediate openings for tele-therapy (video or phone sessions) and would be honoured to support you during this time of great uncertainty.  Let's start with a free 15 minute discovery session.

Click here to set up your private video or telephone session.


Look forward to virtually connecting with you.


Stay safe and well - We will get through this together!



Please feel free to explore the many ways I can support you on your healing journey



Blueprint Astrotherapy

Regression Therapy

Energy/Body-Centred Therapies


"The deeper that sorrow carves into your being the more joy you can contain" 

 Kahlil Gibran