Regression Therapy



Past Life Regression

Inner Child Reparenting

Soul Retrieval

Childhood Trauma

Ancestral Healing


  Regression therapy encompasses an indepth exploration and healing of past trauma by using guided imagery, dreams, current life themes, psychodrama, body/somatic memory. 


 If you feel stuck in a repetitive relationship pattern, experiencing irrational fears, an unexplained illness or phobia, or want to heal deeply felt wounds or trauma, feel free to contact me to learn if Regression Therapy can help.


Whether you're interested in dealing with one specific issue or if you would like to engage in an ongoing healing relationship, contact Mary Ann for further exploration.






Trauma, whether from past life, childhood or our ancestral lineage can overwhelmingly impact our current life.  To understand how past wounds affect us presently, we need to explore, re-experience and release the past trauma or unresolved event. Trauma leaves a lasting imprint on our Soul that can manifest in a multitute of ways, from paranoia, dissassociation, phobias, hypervigilence, addiction, obsessive compulsive disorders, chronic pain, severe armoring, self-sabotaging behaviours, nightmares, depression and anxiety to name a few.  Essentially, trauma is like a wound that we carry that doesn't seem to heal.