What is BluePrint Astrotherapy?

Blueprint Astrotherapy is a unique therapy style of astrology & psychology which understands each person's birth chart as a map of the soul's evolution.  It draws upon the union of the ancient wisdom of astrological symbolism steeped in rich archetypal imagery and the therapeutic and clinical value of psychotherapy. 


Any humanistic astrologer who comes from a soul-oriented approach in astrology, believes in the concept of ‘reincarnation’ – which says that we all possess a spiritual essence or soul, which continues on after death and incarnates into different physical bodies in different lives.  During those many past lives, we have gathered a set of attitudes, beliefs and core psychological complexes. We have also learned to master many things through our experiences and it is those gifts that we bring forth in this current lifetime. 

Imagine for a moment that these soul experiences are marked and written on the sky as an indelible blueprint.    Blueprint Astrotherapy, through the exploration of your birth chart can show the life time challenges that your Soul has chosen to work with during this incarnation, in order to evolve to higher levels of consciousness. The chart also indicates the potential of each individual, as well as past life gifts and talents. It clearly shows the direction of the Soul’s evolution in this lifetime.

The energy which emanates from the Planets moving through the constellations of stars, and their geometric angular relationships forms a unique set of patterns, your Blueprint or natal chart.  It is neither negative or positive – it is up to each individual to learn to be more aware, more conscious, more discerning, and to use this energy positively. This takes personal responsibility and self-awareness.       

We as humans have been given an incredible cosmic gift that we can readily access –this tool is Astrology. Through the knowledge learned, we can consciously create lives that are happy, whole and purposeful.

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How does Mary Ann support you?

 My life work has been and continues to be devoted to the blending of my two passions Astrology & Psychology.  This combination is a beautifully harmonious and powerful healing art form. 


It is at the heart of this union that I invite you to work with me.  


Here I carve a safe and unconditional space for us to build a solid therapeutic relationship, where intuitively and seamlessly we will ACCESS THE WISDOM OF YOUR BLUEPRINT

 In this safe and potent space, we will   

  • delve into your deepest longings and passions and  bring awareness to unconscious patterns;
  •  reach way back into your past lives, or your more recent family history to access and retrieve acquired gifts and understand ancestral legacies,
  • address any emotional, physical or mental health issue;
  •  collaborate with your Blueprint to find the key to healing a core issue
  • explore the evolution of your Soul and your purpose in this lifetime.
  • align with the intrinsic timing and unfolding of what is ready to be born, matured or released in your inner and outer life

I will uphold you in your joy and honour your deepest emotions while Advocating for your Soul's Intention and Infinite Wisdom.


IF YOU WANT TO LEARN MORE ABOUT Astrotherapy feel free to email me or contact me for a initial consultation.

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